Untold Stories of 1965 War

1965War & IAF :

Stories Untold – Battle in the Eastern Skies – on 07th Sep 65, four Sabres were picked up on radar by 55 SU and Flt Lt Alfred Cooke and Fg Offr Mamgain, who were on Combat Air Petrol (CAP) missions 60 miles north of Kalaikunda (KKD) airbase, were vectored towards the intruders.

As Cooke and Mamgain arrived over KKD, they saw the Sabres in attack and they both split up and proceeded to tackle the Sabres. In an extremely low level dog fight that ensued, (later proven from the gun camera film), Cooke fired at four different Sabres. One crashed close to KKD and the other three that managed to escape were rendered unworthy of battle, (one having crashed just across the border). 

Cooke and Mamgain were both awarded Vir Chakra (VrC) for their valiant effort.

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