Top 10 Interesting Facts about Butterflies 

Interesting Facts about Butterflies 1: Butterfly wings are actually transparent, but because of differences in brightness at each layer of thin wings, butterfly wings became visible colored colorful.

Interesting Facts about Butterflies 2: As we already know, butterflies are insects that undergo metamorphosis holometabola perfect.

Interesting Facts about Butterflies 3: Butterflies can feel the leaves with his legs when perched in the foliage. Butterfly check whether the leaf was delicious enough to eat worms (the children) soon after hatching or not.

Unique facts about butterflies 4: After hatching from the egg to become a butterfly, the caterpillar’s body has increased up to 27,000 times greater.

Unique facts about butterflies 5: Caterpillars do not have bones but hhavemany small legs that can move quickly to find food or avoid enemies.

Interesting Facts about Butterflies 6 : Butterflies have a long mouth that used to suck food. Special mouth is called proboscis.

Unique facts about butterflies 7: Some of the butterflies there who never eat because they have no mouth. These butterflies survive only with the energy collected when pupate.

Unique facts about butterflies 8: The size of the butterfly ranges from a one-eighth inch to 12 inches.

Unique facts about butterflies 9 : Butterflies cannot fly if their body temperature below 30 degrees Celsius.

Unique facts about the butterfly 10  : Butterflies can migrate thousands of miles to find a warm area (tropical) when winter comes again and again traveled thousands of miles when spring arrives.


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