This is the story behind the Sankranthi

A little bit of a lot of fire.
The Rays of the child in the middle of the day
Golden grains of art by art
With the blessings of the day, the new bride
The rest of the world! The Alluḷḷu of saying
Mouthwatering recipes, piṇḍivaṇṭalu
The children who are playing and playing
For Telugu citizen, the people who are the ones who are the ones who are the ones who are the ones who

The rangasthalam that gives darshan before every house


Haridāsulu who are making noise with harināma

Gaṅgireddulu with vertical decorations
The Light of the house of Indira Lakshmi
The excitement of the village.
The Telugu nation Sankranthi celebrations that have no difference between village and town!

Close friendly mandal………
Happy birthday to you…


This is the story behind the Sankranthi…

The name of the Lord is the name of the Lord. It means that he is the church. The skin that is also, in the same way, is a monster skin. This is why Lord Shiva will wear it…

He used to be a demon named gajāsuruḍu. With the flood of Brahma, the man who won the mullōkālanū and won the mullōkālanū. He is the Parama devotee. It will not be the end of his day in the morning. Even though it was a waste of time, there was something like this for the gajāsuruniki. How much is the monster right! What is the worship of Lord Shiva. The hope that he should stand in him is born in him. That’s it! Immediately he started to follow the deadly penance about Lord Shiva. As long as Lord Shiva is live, I can’t be different from you. Lord Shiva wants this devotee to be in my body and in my body. Lord Shiva and Lord Shiva has been in the womb of gajāsuruni

There is a lot of riots that are not lord Shiva. The Pramathagaṇālu about him is tired of vetikivetiki. In the end, the pārvatīdēviki came to know where he is. But what do you do now! He is a stronger monster than he sees. It is impossible to win Lord Shiva in his body. In the condition of what to do now, Parvathi Devi is the one who is in the situation. By listening to the subject, Vishnu Murthy, he was thinking of a teacher with Brahma Gods. According to that, the river was decorated with the gaṅgireddulā. All the gods have been holding a vāyidyānnī in their roles, and they have reached the gajāsuruni by playing the gaṅgiredduni. In front of him, the gajāsuruḍu who saw Vishnu viṣṇuvilāsānni who went with dance in front of him has died. ‘what do you want to do instead of your amazing show’. ‘ Gajāsurā! This guy is not a common man. This is the proof that the Lord of the Lord is the vehicle. There is a lot of pain in the distance of his swami. Vishnu Murthy asked him to reach his swami.

The thing that was heard by Vishnu Murthy is understood. It was taught that all the people of the world came to bring the parameshwara back. If Lord Shiva gets out of his body, his death will not be missed. ‘ Paramēśvarā! I knew death was near. But I don’t want to be able to leave you. You can no longer wear my church. I celebrated my śirasunu as mallōkālū pūjin̄cēlā. As Lord Shiva said ‘Tathāstu’, he is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who has been allowed to come out of the Lord. In the next time, in the hands of Lord Shiva, in the hands of the leader who has been added to the vināyakuniki, it became a prayer for the mullōkālakū.

Now he is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who In this case, he is telling that he will be able to punish his devotees for the sake of local marriage, and he will bring them in kaivalyānnē. It is said that the drama played by Vishnu Murthy for the sake of Lord Shiva is the only thing that has been given to the sampradāyāniki tradition. In the time of Sankranthi, the people who are saying that they are the ones who are the ones who are the ones who are the ones who are the ones who are the ones who are the ones who are the ones who are the Now, in the area of tamiḷanāṭa, there is a virāṭēśvara temple in Tamil Nadu. This, Lord Shiva will appear as ‘Gajasanhāramūrti’.

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