The mistakes we are doing while eating food 

The mistakes we are doing while eating food 

👉 eating tv watching
👉 eating on the phone
👉 books are eating by watching the newspapers
👉 speaking eating
👉 don’t eat fast and eat something without eating it, you will eat it as Argentina, and drink good water immediately.
👉 the first food to eat in the morning is to eat lunch at 9:00 in the morning. But late eating or not eating
👉 night meal is eating late (night meal should not eat after 8)

* next diseases *

👉 these habits are inviting terrible diseases. This policy will be harsh in modern treatment.

👉 the diseases that are coming due to this
Diabetes, high weight, BP
Gas, constipation, esiḍiṭī, heart problems, joint pegs, eyes to eyes
Thyroid will be the rōgālumeṭabālijam of all kinds of a pin. Nuclear disorder
The immune power will reduce.

👉 dear friends, do you have any diseases because of the mistakes you make while eating, you have given the example of diseases above you. This is the reason why you are making food for all kinds of diseases that come to us. You can’t serve good water as soon as the food is done. (the hiccups and the throat were made to escape). Give less ten minutes of a gap and drink good water. From today please don’t make mistakes on you anymore. You can please explain health suites to all the family members at home.
Don’t make mistakes on the top

” eat Siri grains and be completely healthy.

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