The best drink for sports

The best drink for sports

In recent years, there have been many sports and health drinks in the market, but is it necessary and can these drinks really complement the water we lost? Let our consultant physiotherapist discuss it for you.

After exercise, water must be replenished.
After exercise, the body will lose a lot of water, so we need to fill the water or electrolyte to replace the body fluid lost by sweating. If the lost water is not properly replenished after exercise, we may be dehydrated and dizzy or even shocked.

Sweat also function 
sweat is composed of water, sodium, chloride and potassium electrolytic solution thereof. The function of the electrolyte is to help maintain the balance of body fluids in the body. They also help your muscles, including the muscles to contract and relax. They also help to transmit nerve impulse signals. Sports drinks sold on the market, mainly including carbohydrates, sodium and potassium, just add to the loss of our sweat. But from a nutritional point of view, it is just a drink similar to diluted juice and soda.

Comparison of the amount of calories, potassium and sodium per ounce of various beverages

Calorie Potassium sodium
Orange juice 110 475 2
Apple juice 115 300 5
Cola 110 no 35
Recharge 50 25 15
Exceed 70 45 50
Ausports 70 50 55
Gatorade 50 30 110

When to drink sports drinks
When you are involved in intense exercise for more than an hour, you need to drink healthy drinks. After strenuous exercise, our body needs some sugar-containing drinks to help the body preserve the storage of carbohydrates and maintain the level of sugar in the blood to delay the appearance of fatigue. However, note that studies have shown that regular drinking of sports drinks can cause tooth decay. For example, most marathon runners tend to have severe corrosion on the upper teeth, which is confirmed by the fact that they often drink the acid contained in sports drinks.

Homemade healthy drinks
If you want to drink healthy drinks, but think that the price is too expensive, you may choose a juice you like and dilute with 3 parts of water, you can supplement the electrolyte you lost during exercise.

For most athletes, water is already the ideal body fluid supplement, cheap and healthy. But when you want to participate in the competition, it is no harm to supplement the lost water with healthy drinks during the competition, but it is not suitable for long-term drinking.

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