Swimming can effectively control rheumatism

Swimming can effectively control rheumatism

As we all know, swimming is a very beneficial systemic exercise. It turned out to be very effective in treating rheumatic pain and alleviating the condition. Why is there such a “effect” in swimming?

The so-called rheumatic pain of the average person refers to the chronic inflammation in the joints. In many cases, it is related to the deterioration of the joints, so it is easy to cause joint stiffness and muscle strength. The muscles are weaker and the protection of the joints becomes smaller. As a result, arthritis is getting worse.

To solve chronic joint pain for a long time, we should start with increasing muscle strength and active joints, and continuous exercise can best achieve this goal. Among the many sports, swimming is most effective in this area. The main reasons include:

  1. The weight of the person is offset by the buoyancy of the water in the water, and the pressure on the joint is greatly reduced, and the activity is also very relaxed.
  2. The speed and magnitude of the activity in the water can be completely controlled by the practitioner, so there is no need to worry about the situation where there is more than enough energy.
  3. The resistance to swimming is all from the movement of water and water in the hands and feet. The impact force is very small, and naturally it will not hurt the joints. Moreover, it floats in the green wave, and the range of hands and feet is large. It is also possible to practice some actions that are difficult to do on the ground.

In all of the above, swimming is a very good health sport. Furthermore, by continuing to participate in sports, the mood will become more cheerful and enjoyable, and it will be more beneficial for some patients with chronic diseases.


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