Lion is a lion

Lion is Lion 

 A lion lived in a forest with its lioness and two children. By hunting the lion brings him home and all of them eat it. Once the lion got no prey throughout the day. She was returning back to her cave that she showed a small child of a jackal in the road. Then she got very pity on him. He picked it up from the teeth and brought it to his cave.

The lioness saw this too, he was very hungry but still he showed mercy on him like a lion and kept it in his cave. Time passed. The lioness told his children that this is your elder brother, so the children of the lion used to respect him very much. Gradually all grew up. One day, they were roaming in the children and the zoo forest that they saw an elephant. The boy of the lion was about to jump on the elephant that the boy of the jacket said, “This is elephant. It is not good to be confronted by the staunch enemy of lions. Run away from here.” The children of the lion also see each other’s faces. They used to obey him for parting with him, so all three came back to the cave.

While coming home, both of them laughed at their elder brother’s cowardice, telling their parents that seeing the elephant, the elder brother would run away like the sky falling on the head. The lion lion started smiling. The jackal’s eyes became red, he said with anger that both of you are laughing at your elder brother, what do you understand yourself?…

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