Karthikuparanam – 8th chapter

Karthikuparanam – 8th chapter 



The Vasisthana asked the dancer to ask, “Mahanabhava! I listened to you all the duties you said. Virtue is very narrow and easy to find. Nadesananam, Deepamanam, Palladamana, Annadhanam, Vasanthaanam said about things. When you get nirvana with such little virtues … you do not have sinned, but you do not have sins. And it’s a surprise to me that you’re saying it’s nonsense. Evil and colorful people are getting salvation without being able to get rid of rheumatoid arthritis. Is not all this like a diamond hill? What is its mystery? Please tell me more. ”
They smile smile and smile. ‘Maharaja of Janaka! Your question was reasonable, and I also studied Vedic Vedas. There are also miniature ways. There are three kinds of virtues called sattvika, raja, thamasas. Sattvikalam … country’s roles in three equal sattva attribute and give the result to the Lord. The dominance of the Manavakayya karma is enhanced on the virtue of the law. For example, in the temple of Tamarvarna River in Swatikkuttai in the pearl of the pearl in the pearl of the pearl, satticakati mattiyakati matsyativati ​​matsya Make japathapadu in the temple on the coast Sha results. Rajya Dharma is a virtuous act of having saintly duties. That virtue rebirth is reasonable and can cause misery. Tamas as dharmanam … leaving the sci-fi tasks, and the country’s roles do not have time to do a dhoti. That virtue does not give birth. The role of the nation is known to the fullest, but little to no good, but a rich fruit. That is, the name of the srimannah Naraunani is known as the name of the large firewood and the small fire particles. There is one epic, ‘says the Lord.

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In the past Kanyakubam was a Brahmin who had read four Vedas in the city. His name is truthful. He has a wife who is all good. The couple have the name of reciprocity and love, the name of the unmarried couple. They had a son not long afterwards. They nurtured the child and named him Ajalakudu. He has grown rude and hesitates the elderly by making bad associations. He did not practice his education and did not follow the Brahmanical teachings. After some time he became a young man. He kissed her with a rhythmic ritual, constantly floating in her kama sports. Without getting home, she had to leave the parents and make me eat at home. These disadvantages have come due to the extreme clarity. The plight of the child has been shifted from childhood to child abuse. Azamidu became obese.
With the boycott of caste he became more brutal. He died in the same profession by killing birds and animals due to hunting. On one day, Ajamadullah fell in love with his girlfriend, hiding in the forest and hugging her over the tree to grab the honey. Azamulmu overwhelmed her and cried for a while and then burned in the forest and returned home. With that daughter already had a daughter, Ajamayadu increased her. When she was young, she closed her eyes with Ajamadu and took her away. He was floating on cameras with her. They had two sons. Both of them died in the womb. Then she again conceived and bore a son. They both called the boy named Narayana. Just a moment, without leaving the boy, wherever he goes … taking with him … Narayana is laughing with love. Shortly after this, the body of the elderly was lost. Rogastudayyadu. The bed was broken to the knees. One day, the Yashbhadas were seen with the terrorists. Seeing them, Azamillu feared the survivor’s son’s death … Narayana … Narayanan … survived. When the sound of the nameless nail of the Azamadurai comes, At the same time, the angels and sankhakrakrishna sri maharvishan messengers came to the plane and said, “Oh Yamathipura! He is ours. We have come to take us to the Vaikuntam, “he said. And the angels said to them, “Lord! He is good enough to go to hell, “he said, adding that he was now gluttony, that he had removed all the sins of the sins of Nathanaa before he died. “Vasisthana Janaakamaraju explained that Azamidu has acquired Vishnu as saying,” Sankiretanarayana saintamatram Vimuktya dud: ka sukinobhavanam “.

* _ This is the eighth chapter of the legendary Vasishta Praktaka Karthika Maha in the scandal, the eighth day recapitulation *


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