Iron and calcium deficiency during development

Iron and calcium deficiency during development

Adolescence is an important stage in which young boys and girls develop into adults. In addition to the need for balanced nutrition and more calories, adolescents need two nutrients, iron, and calcium.

Girl and iron

  • The girl needs about 15 mg of iron per day.
  • With the beginning of menstruation, the demand for iron in the teens will rise by 50%.
  • Young girls may find it difficult to get the iron they need on their daily diet, and they need extra supplements.

Boy and iron

  • The boy needs about 12 mg of iron per day.
  • For teenage boys, the demand for iron will increase by 20% due to the increase in body mass.
  • In general, young men can meet the demand for iron from their daily diet.

Teen and calcium

  • Adolescents in their teens will increase their calcium demand by 25%.
  • Calcium daily recommended amount (RDA) is 1200 mg, while adolescents need up to 1500 mg.
  • According to the US Department of Agriculture, only 35% of boys and 14% of girls receive 100% RDA calcium intake.

Because at least 40% of bone is grown during puberty, calcium is especially important in adolescent diets. Adequate calcium helps young people achieve better bone density, which is one of the best ways to prevent osteoporosis in the elderly. In addition to improving bone quality, the right amount of calcium can also support muscle contraction and overall growth.


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