Internet or aggravate depression patients’ stress

Internet or aggravate depression patients’ stress

The rich information on the Internet does not cause people to suffer from depression, but users who do not properly handle a large amount of medical knowledge that is easily accessible may increase their mental stress, which is even worse for people with mental depression.

This is because they may read information about certain diseases, and then find that they have similar symptoms in their bodies, and thus suspect that they may also have certain diseases.

Growing concerns 
such as head ache causes are many, lack of sleep is one of them. But for people with depression, headaches are not caused by stress, and brain tumors are the most likely and even the only cause. Some ambiguous messages make people who are often anxious, seeing harmless symptoms as a harbinger of a terminal illness. Anxiety is constantly expanding and strengthening, becoming the root of great fear. The medical network’s goodwill in educating the public is ultimately counterproductive.

Most people have experienced unexplained pain or ambiguous test results, which makes them worry that they are seriously ill. For people suffering from depression, the fear caused by this fear is enough to affect their daily life, and even the test results have ruled out the existence of stubborn illness, but they still believe it.

On the Internet, patients can enter a variety of symptoms and then come up with a series of diagnoses that may be symptomatic. The problem is that these authoritative articles are full of possibilities.


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