How is the birth of Dharma (Ayiyappa) born in the Kaliyuga

Santosh Chakradhar Rao Swamy Sharan Ayyappa

How is the birth of Dharma (Ayiyappa) born in the Kaliyuga when Mahishasurammanam and Mohini’s incarnation

One of the sunrise questioned how a coherent question was being asked. The answer to Venkatesh’s inspiration is my answer with the blessing of Ayyappa Swami:

Mahishasura’s martyrdom, Mahavishnu Mohini’s incarnation, and the events that the gods have saved in one of these fables. The mahishi massacre was a mesmerizing masculinity. Ishvara recounts that the devotee of Lord Shiva, who is known about the incarnation of Mohini, goes to the Vaikunthura and enlighten the devotee of Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu goes to Pudhotha with the mouse and Lord Shiva is there to see the avatar of Mohi and he is also responsible for his role in Vishnu. And he was not born again until he was born again? That is all about hilariously. It is said that after the formidable incarnation of the miniature, the goddess accompanied by Parvati had gone to his true Kailasam. Vishnu Murthy is a good man, and Lord Shiva stayed in his Kailasam, and how was this Dharmaasa grown up? Where is he Others have questions to us.

The birth of some of the grandparents is not the same. That’s all the case for Rudra’s offspring. The fact that Shravana is born is commemorated in Ramayana and in many myths. Rudra was born from the fire to Ganga, from where he was born in the reptile tip of the Reeds stream. To grow at kritics. These are not like the births of the 9 months we apply. When the time comes, that energy is grossly announced from power. Here’s the birth of birthright too. Vishnu, who is full of universality, conjures up the story of the Satwhit and the Thamagunas, hiding the Brahmandas in his kirikku time to make the announcement of where to be born.

Another question arises as to why Mahika had to kill at the same time. Mahapai Brahma had a great deal of penance and practiced in heaven. Dattatreya was also studying the mythology that brought him to the ground. Soon she did not die and she did not yet die. Let’s see for example Narakasuram. When Hirakshaksha was killed, Srihari was born to Bhudevi. The mention of the name is in Ramayana and Bhagavatam. When the baby’s burden increased and he was forced to remove him, Srikrishna sat down with him. Why did that Asura leave all the ages, that is, he did not do so badly. No matter who is born of Srihari, it is a matter of certainty. His murderer was forced to do so when he could not bear the sin.

In the same way, Mahishi was also blessed with the blessings of Dattatreya. At that time, she grew up in the same way that the Madanmutthalai came to the point where she could not afford it and then the custodian entered the earth. Since the birth of a man is born as a human being in the earth, he is blessed by the devotee as the cowardly king. He set out beforehand in the creation of God’s creation. Occasionally whichever occurs. Both Narayana and Narayani are both black and white, but the black people are the same, and that is why Mohi is not someone else. It is not unknown to Shiva, so Parvati is smiling and laughing at him and goes to Kailash with him. Everything is Vishnu. They played this jagged tale for the upcoming giraffe. There are things we need to know securely apart from the transition. Seeing secularly, he does not understand the lila. He said in the song that Sasyaatma was listening. So let’s leave the doubt and the feet and the grace of his grace, which he has kept for us. His incarnation is to protect from the molestation. One mandate is to devote a sinful day to the devil and to repent to their sins and thus pave the way for salvation. Even today’s psyche will be a second nature if they practice any habit of 41 days. This is the same thing that the Ayyappa has ordered to be done as a rule.

Harivarasanam is universal. Haridasheeswaram arasadapatakam Arvitamdhana Nitya Narthi Hariharatramam Devamara Sarayamayyappa Swamy Sharanamyappa

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