Developmental chest pain is not a disease

Developmental chest pain is not a disease

As the girl enters adolescence, her body begins to develop, highlighting the sexual characteristics of women, the most obvious of which is the development of the chest. Because of the effects of hormone secretion, girls are more or less likely to feel chest pain, especially during menstrual cramps. This is still normal, this site consultant doctor teaches you how to deal with it.

Breast development of the breast
The structure of the breast can be divided into nipples, breasts, breasts and adipose tissue. When the body is affected by hormonal secretion, it stimulates the development of the mammary gland, the nipple begins to protrude, and the areola becomes larger. In appearance, the breasts begin to swell and become richer and express the lines and posture of women.

Chest pain is a normal phenomenon
During the development of the chest, girls are more or less likely to feel chest pain due to hormone secretion, especially during menstrual cramps. In fact, chest pain is a normal phenomenon, do not have to worry too much, you can use a hot towel to relax the chest. If you suspect that it is a physical problem, you can also tell the doctor to find out the cause of the pain. However, chest pain is not a must-have feature in women’s development. Different body types are different, and some girls will not be affected.

Wearing a bust helps discomfort
. The development of the chest is particularly prone to making the breast sensitive. At this point, the girl can start to wear the bust, which can protect the developing breasts and eliminate the discomfort caused by sensitivity.

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