Carefully choose hot pot food vegetable and seafood articles

Carefully choose hot pot food – vegetable and seafood articles

Seafood and vegetables are indispensable materials for hot pots. Don’t think that they must be healthier than meat. If you choose them carefully, your health will be greatly reduced.

  • seafood
  • vegetables
  • Starchy food

Seafood – careful cholesterol
The calorie content of seafood is lower than that of meat. For example, the calorie of 12 oysters is equal to 5 pieces of fat beef, so you can choose seafood as the hot pot material. However, if the squid and squid are not high in calories, they contain very high cholesterol. For the elderly or heart disease, it is not advisable to eat more.

Food name unit Heat
Shrimp 8 only 94 kcal
Production 1 20 kcal
Squid 100 g 100 kcal
Elephant (fine) 1 71 kcal
White tablets 100 g 227 kcal
Squid 100 g 126 kcal
tape 5 only 35 kcal

* Healthier choice

Vegetables – should be shallow and not suitable for long cooking
Most of the vegetables themselves contain very low calories, rich infiber, which can help digestion. But note that when cooking vegetables, vegetables will absorb the oil and taste of the soup, so that the heat is greatly improved.

Food name unit Heat
lettuce 100 g 40 kcal
*Sprout 100 g 28 kcal
*mustard 100 g 22 kcal
*spinach 100 g 22 kcal
Heart 100 g 40 kcal
Chinese cabbage 100 g 40 kcal
Bean seedling 100 g 40 kcal
Jinbai 100 g 35 kcal
Chives 100 g 40 kcal
* Mushrooms 100 g 25 kcal
Golden mushroom 100 g 45 kcal

* Healthier choice

Starchy foods – avoid sucking too much oil
In addition to meat and vegetables, we will eat some starchy foods. It should be noted that starchy foods will absorb the oil in the hot pot soup. Since the surface area of the udon is less than that of the fans, rice noodles and noodles, the absorbed oil is also less, and the udon is easier than other starchy foods. Satisfied, so the amount of heat absorbed is relatively reduced.

Food name unit Heat
*Udon 1 rice bowl 160 kcal
Fan 1 rice bowl 240 kcal
rice flour 1 rice bowl 200 kcal
Noodles 1 rice bowl 240 kcal


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