Birthday Gift to all Mother’s

Birthday Gift to all Mother’s

Without mother, life is not possible. Mother is mother, after unbearable physical pain, she gives birth to a baby.By renouncing personal interests, forgetting his sufferings and feeding the infant.For the happiness of his children, mother also accepts many trials and harassment.It is not possible to find a second example on Mother’s affection and renunciation. In our scriptures, the mother is said to have been worshiped like gods.Mother in this world can not be compared to any other. The importance of mother in the family is the biggest.

With the help of family and the family, the mother also raises her children and every one of them keeps awake day and night to relieve her pain.Other members of the family are expressed in their personal work, but the mother is dedicated to the children.Mother’s time is spent in the care of the children. To take care of children, mother has to wake up frequently in the night. But after the incomplete sleep, the mother always remains concerned about the offspring.Mother’s special contribution is in providing a ritual to the children. Mother teaches children to walk and talk.In the beginning, the mother remains in more contact with the offspring, the child develops in the guidance of the mother.

The great saint, by reciting the biography of the great men, recites the rituals of becoming a great person in the mother’s family. He gives knowledge to the descendants of social dignity and the importance of high thoughts.The mother contributes the most towards making the children virtuous, virtuous. Another, he lovingly gives protection and strength to the children, secondly scolds them and prevents them from going on the path of decadence.

Characterization of any person depends on his mother’s intelligence level. A mother is the primary teacher of any person.Every mother is most loved by her children. Mother can fight all over the world for her children, but the mother’s blind passion towards the child often proves harmful to the children.In the upbringing of the child, the mother also needs intelligence with pampering He can mislead the negligent children towards the mother’s children in extreme love and affection.Mammon’s excessive temptation can make the child a doodor and jindi. In fact, qualification is attained only after hard work.

A wise mother does not love her children, but she does not even want to become harsh for her to make him worthy.In the name of paternal love, the mother who gives more comfort to the child has to repent later.In modern society, mother has to live a double life.In the name of women-freedom, most women are doing jobs in different sectors. They do not have much time to take care of their family, but they have to take care of the family and the family only.Waking up first in the family in the morning, he works at home. In the day, he has to do business and business, and in the evening when the family comes home, the responsibility of the family comes back to his shoulders.In this double life, obviously the woman or the mother has difficulty, but she confirms her power while competing with every situation.

Actually the inner strength of the mother is incomparable. Although men have more rights in our noble society, but without the mother, the family can not be imagined.It is possible only in the mother’s ability to handle the responsibilities of family and family, even after knocking at home outside the house during the day.A man can work hard for work, but the ability to handle the family, and especially the children is not in the male.Truth is said in our scriptures that mothers are as sacred as Gods. In fact, Mother is the highest honor in the family. Mother’s importance is greatest.


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