Amazing Facts From Around The World

1.  Adolf Hitle suffered from Ailurophobia, which is a fear of cats. Alexander the Great, Napoleon and Mussolini had the same phobia.

2. Global Warming helped settle a land dispute between India and Bangladesh. The area in question was New Moore, or South Talpatti. But the island drowned because of global warming in 2010.

No land left, no dispute left.

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3. Butterflies were originally called flutterflies.

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4. Once, carrots were purple.

Until late in the 16th century Dutch growers took mutant strains of the purple carrot and gradually developed them into the sweet, plump, orange variety we have today.

Source: kathleenjshields

5. Millions of crabs migrate on the Christmas Islands towards the shore to mate and populate.

There are around 43.2 million crabs on the island in the Indian Ocean.

Source: todayifoundout

6. The 110-acre ‘Snake Island’ in Sao Paulo has 4,000 snakes. Which is one snake for every 6 square yards. It is one of the world’s deadliest islands.

It is also home to Golden Lancehead. Its venom is capable of melting human flesh.

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7. Worldwide, women earn US$18 trillion but spend US$28 trillion.

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8. Charles Darwin ate almost every animal he discovered.

Source: popsci

9. Russia has a larger surface area than Pluto.

Pluto is 2370 kilometres (1473 miles) across, which can easily fit within Russia’s largest east-to-west radius of 10,000 km and the north-to-south size of 4000 km.

Source: NASA

10. However, it has less population than the small country of Bangladesh.

Source: emaze

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