5 Interesting facts about mercury for kids

5 Interesting facts about mercury for kids

Interesting Facts about Mercury Planet – Mercury is the first planet in the solar system in order of distance from the Sun and the smallest in size. It is a terrestrial planet of modest size, with a diameter less than half than the Earth; appears heavily cratered, also due to the lack of an atmosphere appreciable that it can absorb the meteoric impacts or cover their tracks; for this its appearance closely resembles that of the Moon. So Mercury is the smallest of the rocky planets of the inner solar system. Here are 5 Interesting Facts about Mercury Planet that you need to know.

1. Mercury Is the Closest Planet To The Sun

Because of his closeness, it is difficult to observe. In fact, the planet is visible, very near the Sun, only shortly before sunrise or after sunset, the nights very serene. In the rest of the time, is obscured by sunlight.

Mercury is only 58 million kilometers from the Sun, just over one-third of the Earth-Sun distance. Its orbit is highly elliptical, ie crushed and the planet runs in just 88 days, faster than any other planet. At the same time, Mercury rotates slowly on itself: the day, ie the length of one rotation of Mercury lasts 59 times longer than on Earth. That’s first of Interesting Facts about Mercury Planet, next.

2. Mercury Has A Particular Characteristic

Due to its motion: if there were inhabitants on the planet they would see the Sunrise in the morning, then fell briefly and then back again. Similarly, the evening would see their fall back a little in the sky and finally set. In reality, there may be inhabitants of Mercury: no form of life among those we know would be able to resist on the planet, due to high temperature.

3. The Temperature Of Mercury

It completes three rotations every two revolutions around the Sun The result is that any point of its surface is exposed to sunlight for over 176 days this Earth! Given the proximity of the Sun, you can imagine the resulting effect … In fact, the temperature of Mercury during the insolation can reach 420 ° C, while on the shady side goes down to 180 degrees below zero.

4. Mercury Has No Satellites Or Rings

This is a very barren planet. In fact, do not even own a real atmosphere, but only a tenuous gas straterello not enough to repair it from the intense sunlight. For this reason, there is not even water on the planet: the sun would quickly evaporate.

5. Mercury Has No Atmosphere

Mercury has no atmosphere because, like the moon, its mass is too small: As we have seen, the force of gravity is responsible not only of falling bodies but also takes care to keep two related celestial bodies in orbit and to retain around a planet the particles of gas which constitute an atmosphere.

In fact, Mercury is, after Pluto, the smallest planet in the Solar System. It ‘s great only one-third of the Earth: it measures 4,878 kilometers in diameter. Its mass is equal to 330 trillion tons is for us a mass of respectable, but amounted to only 6% of Earth. These are 5 Interesting Facts about Mercury Planet that need to know.


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