5 Facts you may not know about Dogs

5 Facts you may not know about Dogs

Dog is an interesting animal.People love to have at least one dog in their house. There are some interesting dogs facts that you may need to know. The facts are totally interesting for they show you unique and strange idea of a dog. The owner will do anything to make their dog look funny and healthy. One of them is by having a dog vacation.There are some companies offering a dog vacation. One of them is dog-boarding Toronto. It is located on Canada.

1. Long tongue

The first dog fact is about the tongue. The record of the longest dog tongue has been included on the Guinness Book of Record. It belongs to a dog named as Brandy. The dog can only live until 2002. She was originated in Michigan,Unites States. The length is measuring 43 centimeter or 17 inches long.Unfortunately, we cannot see this pooch anymore.

2. Mood

If you want to learn much the mood of your dog, you can do it by using a tool called as wagometer. Dr. Roger Mugford invented this tool in 2003. He is an notorious animal behavior coming from United Kingdom. The wagometer works by interpreting the dog’s mood through the number of tail wags. The various as well as the speed also affects the mood. If you want to know the feeling of your dog at the moment, you can check it out by using this incredible tool.

Dog is an Interesting animal.

3. Dog days of summer

If anyone tells you about the expression of dog days of summer, you should never think the he refers this expression to tell in summer heat. This expression has nothing to do with heating as well as dog. It refers to Sirius or Dog Star that you can find one the constellation Canes Major. The dog day of summer occurred from 3rd July till 11th August every year. It is the time when Dog Star or Sirius and the sun rise at the same time.

4. Dog days of summer season During the dog days of summer, many dogs sweat on their feet. They will do the panting activity in order to cool the body. Most pet places call this situation as difficult. It will be easier for the dog to cool down the body than their feet.
do you have dogs at home?

5. Walking dog

To make your dog less stressful, you need to take him to walk on the neighborhood.You can take him play on the garden or the park in town. It wills b such a wonderful activity to do in the weekend. Waling with one dig is considered as something and normal and easy to do. Have ever images if you have to walk with 27 dogs? It will be such a tiring activity. Melissa Crisping Piche of Alberta did it in September 2008. She walked with 27 dogs and broke the Guinness Book of Record for the number of walking with 27 dogs by one person. He took a walk with 27 dogs within 43 minutes and 17 seconds.

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