Interesting Facts about Roses – Roses, was one of the world-famous flowers. The rose is often associated with feelings of affection or love to someone. The impression arises from the beauty of romantic color. In addition, the fragrant scent of the flowers had no doubt make this a fitting gift for someone we think is special. Well before you buy at the store or pick flowers from the garden, here are some Interesting Facts about Roses that have been unique about these roses.

Interesting Facts about Roses:

Unique Facts About Roses # 1
There are more than 15,000 different species of roses are cultivated worldwide. The oldest plant fossils found at Florissant roses, Colorado. The fossil was predicted to have lived about 35 million years ago.

Unique Facts About Roses # 2
Plant the rose was still a family with fruits like apples, pears, Chery and almonds. Another surprising fact is the rose petals turned out to contain more vitamin C than fruits before!

Unique Facts About Roses # 3
The oldest known roses are still alive until now in the Cathedral Hildesheim in Germany who have been able to survive more than 100 years!

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Unique Facts About Roses # 4
The crew of the ship Christopher Columbus accidentally discovered the plant stem roses in the sea on October 11, 1492. Of course, it is a piece of very encouraging news for the entire crew of the ship because of the rose plant stem must show the existence of land which we now know as the Americas.

Unique Facts About Roses # 5
In 1986 U.S. President Ronald Reagan has inaugurated that rose as the country’s National Interest. In the United States, about 400 acres of crops harvested each year rose from the greenhouses. Therefore do not be surprised if 85% of consumers rose in the world are from the United States.

Unique Facts About Roses # 6
The average price of a dozen roses is $ 7. In 1898 when there is inflation the price of one dozen rose stems had reached about $ 36. For now, sales will increase when the plants rose to 42% of Valentine’s Day.

Unique Facts About Roses # 7
Based on Greek mythology, the thorns that grow on the surface of plant stems of roses caused by arrows fired by Cupid misses and accidentally instead of the earlier stem roses. These are here are some Interesting Facts about Roses.

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